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Service Level Guarantees


No one else offers what we do—and our Price Guarantee ensures you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

If you can find another licensed Central Valley management company who does all of what we do for your property, in writing—we will match it

Quality Tenant Guarantee

Our comprehensive tenant application and screening processes are so good, we guarantee you a quality tenant! If a tenant we place ever abandons the property without notice or ever needs to be evicted, we will replace that tenant for free.

30 Day Tenant Placement Guarantee

No one likes a rent-ready property sitting vacant. We guarantee to have your property leased or rented out within 30 days, or your first month of management is free!

Pay For Performance Guarantee

Like a true team, we’re in it together. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid! We require no fees or payment until we place a qualified tenant into your property. And if they don’t pay their required rent, you don’t pay us our management fee. We’re only paid when you are. It’s that simple!

Pro Marketing Guarantee

The best marketing attracts the best tenants. Our marketing package includes HDR images, 360 degree “dollhouse” style virtual tour, floorplan, and full motion narrated walkthrough video, plus advertising on over 20 for-rent websites including premium placement on Zillow.

Pet Screening Guarantee

We screen pet applicants just as seriously as humans. We verify species, breed, name, sex, weight, age, photos, license, vaccination, microchip data, even a pet interview (meet-and-greet behavioral assessment)! We also verify status of Service Animals vs. Emotional Support Animals vs. regular furry friends.

Pet Damage Guarantee

Don’t let your concerns about pet damage stand in the way of renting to the 70% of  tenants with pets! Our Pet Damage Guarantee covers up to $1000 in property damage caused by pets we place in your rental investment property. This extra assurance helps you find qualified tenants sooner and avoid extended vacancy.

Easy Switch Guarantee

Don’t know how to change or switch Central Valley property managers? To transfer from a previous property management company, just leave it to us! We’ll handle everything required when switching from another company, without charging any transfer fees.

Property Assessment Guarantee

Any time we moves a tenant in or out, we will cover the cost of a detailed property inspection and assessment, and give you a copy. This way you’ll know and be able to assess whether it’s a good time to do any additional repairs, maintenance, or updates to the property.

Security Deposit Handling Guarantee

Don’t give security deposits another thought! Within 21 days of any move out, we will inspect and assess any applicable damages to the property on your behalf, apply them to the tenant’s security deposit while refunding any remaining amounts. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Rapid Response Guarantee

Whenever you need us, we’ll be there! We guarantee to respond to your emails, voicemails or texts within 24 hours, or we’ll waive that month’s management fee.

Transparency Guarantee

Just because we’re managing your property, doesn’t mean you don’t know what’s happening at all times. With your Owner Portal and gives you complete, unrestricted access to all transactions, costs, fees, and all property performance reports in real time, 24/7/365. Good, bad or ugly, you see what we see!

Eviction Guarantee

We’re so confident in our screening process and management systems, that if you’re on the Premium Plan and an eviction becomes necessary for a tenant screened and approved by us, we will cover all associated costs—including loss of rent—up to a maximum of $2,000.

Cancellation Guarantee

We believe in accountability, and no one should ever be stuck. That’s why, if we do not perform any of the services we commit to you, you may cancel your agreement with us at any time.


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