When you trust your home to our team, here’s what we’ll do. 

Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report

Rent Analysis

Central Valley rents vary widely, and fluctuate. Our rent analysis combines multiple data sets with our first-hand experience, to achieve a market-range rent that minimizes vacancy. As part of our lease renewal process, we analyze rent for your property annually.

Prepare Your Property For Rent

Every tenant expects a clean property. Our network of vendors includes house cleaners, window cleaners, landscapers, carpet cleaners, and handyman services–and they’re all at the ready to get your home in tip-top shape quickly!

Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report
Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report

Professional Marketing and Premium Advertising

Your property will always stand out with our Pro Marketing package: HDR images, fully-immersive virtual tour, dollhouse floor plan view, and full motion narrated walkthrough video. By seeing the home as if they were already there, tenants are more likely to apply sight unseen, even if moving from another area.

Your home will be advertised on over 20 “For Rent” websites and social media platforms, including premium placement on Zillow.

Detailed Tenant Screening

An estimated 1 of every 3 applications contains fraud. Most DIY landlords and managers miss it. That’s why we spend so much time reviewing documentation, checking references, and verifying information.

Proper tenant selection is the #1 most important thing in management. We take the time to get it right.

Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report
Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report

Lease Prep and Signing

Our customized Rental Agreement is 27 pages of small print and is designed to protect you by avoiding legal pitfalls and minimizing liability, while ensuring the tenant has a clear understanding of expectations.

Because laws change frequently, lease renewals incorporate new lease language as needed, to keep you protected.

Rent Collection and Owner Payments

Our online payment platform allows tenants to set up auto pay for rent. Owners receive funds as a direct deposit into the account of their choice every month.

That was easy!

Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report
Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report

Financial Accounting and Property Reports

Dedicated owner portal login and mobile apps give you real-time access into the performance of your Central Valley rental property. From the dashboard view you can access the property ledger, occupancy rate within your portfolio, lease notifications, repair/work orders, important documents, and financial statements.

At tax time, we’ll send you all the documentation you need to complete your IRS Schedule E for the year!

Tenant Communications and Notices

We know you have better things to do than take calls, respond to texts and reply to emails from tenants. You don’t really want to be stuck answering questions about leaky faucets, chirping smoke detectors, and clogged toilets, do you? We didn’t think so.

Plus, new laws require notices to be provided to tenants in writing. Save time, hassle, stress, and liability by letting us do it for you.

Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report
Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report

24/7 Emergency Hotline

When you hire VOPM, you don’t just get us during office hours or week days. In cases of emergency, tenants can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Let us deal with the roof leak from the 3am rain storm, or the A/C that stops working on the 4th of July. You can travel the world or just get a good night’s rest, knowing we’ve got your back.

Repair and Maintenance Coordination

Seriously though, have you tried to find a contractor recently? A trustworthy, reputable one with fair prices who isn’t booked out for three weeks? It’s not so easy.

Our extensive contractor network includes plumbers, electricians, HVAC repair, appliance repair, landscapers, handymen, locksmiths, painters, and our repeat business relationship gets you faster service and better pricing. We’ll define the issue, track down the best vendor for the job, and arrange the appointment with the tenant, then let you know when the repair is completed. 

Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report
Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report

Paying Property Bills

Other than your mortgage and property taxes, we take care of all other bills on your behalf. Not only does this include the occasional repair bill, but also recurring payments for  any and all utility bills, landscaping, pool service, pest control, and even your HOA payment if you have one. Nice, huh? 

Periodic Property Inspections

You must inspect what you expect.  One of the biggest mistakes DIY landlords and even many property managers make is to inspect the home rarely, or never. If your car gets a checkup at every oil change, shouldn’t your property get a periodic checkup as well? Regular inspections allow us to monitor tenant cleanliness and behavior, as well as recommend preventative maintenance to lower your total cost of ownership over the long term.

We’ll check up on your place as often as you want (annually at minimum). Each formatted report comes with pictures and detailed comments.

Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report
Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report

Eviction Coordination

Our goal is to avoid severely delinquent tenants–and we have a perfect record so far 🤞🏼.

If the need ever arises, we’ve got your back. We know the best eviction attorney in the region and can make sure you’ll have all the right documents, filings and process to obtain a quick court decision in order to recover possession of your property.

Project Management Oversight

Whether your property needs a serious rehab or you just want to upgrade it to increase your rental income and property value, we’re here to help!

If you don’t want to be your own project manager, just tell us what you want done and we will get on it right away: obtaining multiple bids, pulling permits when needed, scheduling work, providing progress payments and giving you updates along the way. Our vendors can probably even get it done faster and at a lower overall cost than doing it all yourself anyway. 

Modesto Rent Analysis and Estimate Report
“We had a local manager for years and it wasn’t going well.. Too much vacancy, turnover, and expenses.. VOPM ran an analysis on our portfolio and showed us all the ways performance could be improved. . The transition was easy.. and the difference could not be more pronounced.. Thank you so much, we truly appreciate you!
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S. Fitzgerald

8-Year Portfolio Client

“We had been with the largest management company for years but when the tenant moved out we discovered the property had been severely neglected. Valley ONE presented us a plan to rehab and re-rent the property.. We are very happy we took their advice. We have collected steady rent flow each month since they’ve been managing the home.
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R. Sierra

6-Year Owner Client